Wall Protection

Wall protection can be found in a variety of settings, from hospitals and colleges, to offices, casinos and warehouses. Handrails, wall guards, corner guards and door/frame protection come in a multitude of profiles and materials. Choose from stainless steel, aluminum, wood, vinyl or combinations of materials to match the protection level your environment requires while at the same time complementing décor. And our heavy-duty bumpers and corner guards protect the toughest areas such as loading docks, storerooms, and industrial areas.

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Corner Guards

Protect corners from damage and keep your facility looking newer longer with corner guards. Whether you need a quick fix or an integrated, fire rated solution, we have the right corner guard for you.


Protect your interior walls from damage, and safeguard the people who rely on your buildings from slips, falls and even dangerous microbes with our variety of ADA and ANSI compliant handrails.

Wall Guard

Guard your walls from scratches, dents and scrapes by installing one of our wall guards. There’s no need to let wheelchairs, hospital beds and service carts leave you with constant maintenance.

Wall Covering

Wall protection in a variety of forms! Solid surface or diamond plate sheet protects walls and provides an easy to clean surface to maintain a sanitary environment.

Chair Rail

Chair rails offer continuous protection. Choose from contemporary and traditional chair rail styles in standard 12′ lengths to minimize seams.

Bed Locators

Bed locators allow for quick positioning of beds while preventing damage to walls. Standard style bed locators and high impact headboards give you options when choosing the look of a room.

Cart Guards

Protect more than your walls with cart and equipment bumpers. Protection goes the extra mile when you ensure the edges of your cart and equipment have the same safeguards as other areas of your facility. These versatile products can also be mounted on nurse stations, or retail counters and islands to protect from cart damage. Coordinate with other impact protection profiles to maintain a common theme and décor.

Kick Plates

Kick Plates protect doors from scratches and dents. Use rigid sheet, stainless steel, or other decorative materials for a kick plate with great impact protection.

Door Frame Guards

Protect door frames from damage by carts, beds, luggage and wheelchairs. Door frame guards can be custom formed to ensure a perfect fit and lasting frame protection.